The goal of the Southern Alberta Preschool Teachers Association is to unite preschools, owners, directors, teachers, and parents, and to provide them with a forum for communication, understanding and acceptance of Early Childhood practices.

Through the Association, we hope to increase understanding, awareness and professionalism within the preschool field, and provide its’ members with a forum to present ideas and feedback.

Our mandate first and foremost is to support quality programming for young children in Alberta and the surrounding area.

Code of Ethics

Did you know that our Code of Ethics describes the minimum professional standards expected of the members of SAPTA?

We are committed to aiding preschool teachers in the facilitation of children’s progress in all areas of development. Preschool teachers and teacher assistants have responsibilities to their students, their profession/ colleagues, and to students parents or caregivers. The core responsibility of those belonging to the preschool profession is the advancement of child welfare and child development.